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Emerald Cut Wedding and Engagement Rings – Style and Design

Emerald cut engagement ring with wedding band

For those who are looking for a wedding or engagement ring, emerald may become one of the best choices. Rather than buying diamonds or gold that cost a lot of money, people prefer purchasing emerald wedding ring. Timeless and elegant design of emerald ring makes people think of it as of their wedding ring. Many of them prefer emerald because they believe in emerald’s power to cure any disease. Emerald cut wedding rings are always rectangular and because of it, it looks more captivating.


“Emerald adds mystery to the wedding ring. Its deep green color underlines the elegance of your taste.”


If you are interested in buying emerald rings, you’d better purchase them in a set. It will be much cheaper. Emerald ring looks very romantic. Besides, emerald cut wedding ring sets could be the best choice for people who have big fingers.

emerald wedding ring for him

The cut of emerald ring might make the finger look slimmer than it actually is. Emerald cut diamond wedding rings are adorned with diamonds. The four prong settings will keep your diamonds tight and safe.

Considering Emerald Cut Wedding Ring Sets

If you are looking for a durable wedding ring, the band must be taken into account. Emerald cut engagement ring with wedding band is rather durable and can make your finger look shorter and more beautiful. Moreover, the emerald cut of a wedding ring band makes the gem look bigger.

Emerald cut diamond wedding rings for you

One carat of emerald cut will look larger than one carat of round cut. Besides, emerald cut is cheaper than the round one. Choose this ring and you will find that it is unique and eye-catching.

Emerald cut wedding rings

Also note that number of gems in a ring strongly influences its cost. Sometimes the ring with one stone is much cheaper than with a few knockings.

emerald cut wedding ring sets

The wedding band is simple but beautiful. Moreover, if it is decorated with emerald, it will look quite different, and, of course, more interesting. Wedding band with emerald cut engagement ring can be set up with any emerald you like: blue, pink, green, or purple. Emerald shaped wedding rings may cost up to $ 6800. That is the most expensive emerald cut ring. Yet, you can find cheaper one, which is $ 800. The price of the emerald ring will depend on its gem.


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