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Wedding rings with skulls – scary elegance


Wedding is the most exciting moment in the life of every person and everyone wants their ceremony to be unforgettable. Some couples are fond of pank or rock music, gothic culture, they like dark, mystified and scary atmosphere. Of course, traditional wedding rings, smooth or with gemstones, will be boring for them. Why not eternalize this common interest by ordering unusual wedding rings? If you belong to such couples, our shop offers you to buy wedding rings with skulls.


Your skull wedding ring can be of different materials: yellow, pink, red or white gold, silver or platinum. These metals can also be combined. The rings can be inlaid with any gemstone you want. The design can be almost classical for those couples who prefer to follow the tradition, but want to somehow modernize the view of the jewelry– they can choose the rings with sculls engraved or placed as a small decorative element.


Your rings can be performed in elegant style, with minimalistic and exquisite decorative elements, or, on the contrary, they may be rough and massive. If you have more extravagant taste, you can choose the rings shaped as a big skull or consisting of numerous smaller ones. Woman`s scull wedding rings can be inlaid with diamonds or any other gemstones – everyone will be charmed by their sparkle and by the gloomy beauty of such a ring. You may choose some additional decorative elements, such as bones and skeletons. If you want your ring to be more romantic, why not decorate it with flowes?


Rings with skulls will become an organic part of non-traditional wedding ceremony in pank or gothic style. Perhaps, the guests and relatives will be surprised by such a ceremony, but if the newlyweds love each other and share this interest – it is a good variant for the wedding. Besides, by choosing such wedding rings, you can be sure, that there are not so many families who will have similar jewelry and ceremony.


We offer you to buy skull wedding rings in our shop. You will be pleasantly surprised by the design and the price of our jewelry. We do hope that by buying our skull rings you will begin a long and happy history of your family, and many years you will recall in the memory your gothic wedding and tell this story to your children.