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Australian Opal Wedding Rings that are Popular and Beautiful

Australian opal wedding rings

Opal is known as The Queen of Gems as it is the most beautiful gem in the world. Opal ring is a unique and beautiful option for people who are looking for the unusual rings for their wedding. Opal wedding rings are amazingly elegant.


“They are iridescent in the sunlight. It is due to the fact that most opals consist of non-crystalline silica which in its turn commonly consists of 30 percent of water. Opal rings are widely mined in Australia. Therefore, these rings are one of Australia symbols.”


Unlike diamond rings, opal rings are difficult to be found. They are sold out quickly like diamonds. Moreover, the price of opal rings is as high as of diamonds. However, in terms of durability, diamonds are better.

opal wedding ring sets for you

Opal wedding ring is decorated with a soft gem (index 5), while diamond’s index is twice higher – 10. So when the opal ring falls down, it may break. Because of this reason, you have to take care of your opal ring well to avoid such a problem. Although opal gem is fragile, people still want to have one.

Intricate Designs of Opal Wedding Ring Sets

Both men and women love buying gems, including opals. Opal ring suits everybody. Rather than buying opal rings separately, we recommend you to purchase opal wedding ring sets.

Opal wedding rings

Ring sets will make it easier for you to choose rings to your and your partner’s tastes. Besides, you do not have to worry about different ring designs as black opal wedding rings are usually designed in the same style. Moreover, set will be cheaper than buying two rings separately.

Australian opal wedding rings for her

As it has been mentioned before, opals are usually mined in Australia. It is a national gem of this country and has a high value there. Yet, you might get opal ring in Brazil, Mexico, or Nevada. Australian opal wedding rings symbolize faithfulness, beauty, confidence, and innovation. They are perfect. You may choose a shape of the opal rings which you like most: oval, round, heart, or cushion-shaped. Prove your love by making your partner happy from getting these wedding rings from you.

Opal wedding ring

Opal in the wedding ring will accentuate your bottomless love. A variety of settings and cuttings add royal elegance to your wedding ring.


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