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Wooden Wedding Rings for Men

Wood wedding rings

A lot of people are ecology-concerned today. That’s why nowadays a lot of unusual materials are used in gold-work. One of such modern directions is wood wedding rings. Wood is a great material that has different colors depending on processing. But the main thing is that it is really affordable. Although wood has always been a material for making furniture: desks, tables, wardrobes, cabinets, etc., nowadays, it is widely used for making rings. It is a new and innovative wooden product.


“Wood wedding rings are great for couples who are searching for eco-friendly rings. Wood rings look natural unlike other rings. Wooden wedding ring can be made in whatever style and color you want or order.”


Although wooden rings have recently become popular, both men and women are interested in them. Everything due to their look. Wooden ring looks unique and classic. Wooden wedding rings for men are similar with those for women, but their design is usually more masculine.

Wooden wedding ring for you

Wooden ring can also be decorated with many gems, including diamond, sapphire, etc. Wood and metal wedding rings are definitely different. There are people allergic to metals; therefore, wooden rings might be best option for them since they are hypoallergenic.

Reasons for Choosing Wood Inlay Wedding Rings


Since there are people who love metals, many designers try to create wooden rings combined with metal and ceramic. Wood inlay wedding rings are the example of the wooden ring which is combined with metal. Metal is actually the cover of the ring which can protect the wood from any harm, for example, from hand and body lotion, as wood can be affected by its mold.

Hawaiian wood wedding rings for him and her

Another wooden inlay ring is Hawaiian wood wedding rings. These Hawaiian rings are usually made of titanium which is useful for our health.

Hawaiian wood wedding rings for him

Rings of precious metals are classics. Today most of us want something unusual, something cheesy, for example wooden wedding rings combined with other materials. There are many variants and combinations that will emphasize the uniqueness of your choice.

Wood inlay wedding rings

Though wood is protected by metal, ceramic or titanium, you must be careful with it. Before taking a bath, swimming or showering, you have to take the ring off your finger. It is true that wood is strong and durable. Yet, sooner or later it will be damaged since you wear the ring when doing your activities like washing the dishes or something like this. Therefore, your wooden inlay wedding rings must be taken care of well by you anywhere and anytime.


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